With over 1 billion people now use social media of some kind, companies and businesses are on the lookout for social media marketing (SMM) services that enable them to harness the power of various social media marketing platforms and tools. Apart from being an integral component of any marketing mix, result-driven SMM activities enhance profitability and support broader business goals.

Social Media Strategy

At Prysma Technologies, we create a well-defined and long-term strategy to ensure that your business gains maximum online visibility. Apart from boosting your current online presence, our team of SMM experts also conducts competitor analysis to identify and understand how you can take the lead and stay ahead in the game.

Social Channel Management

We ensure that all your accounts and social channels consistently reflect your brand image. With your social media presence being an extension of the experience that you would like to offer your end users, Prysma Technologies creates a visual identity for each of your social channels. Effective social channel management always boosts your brand profile.

Social Media Campaigns

Right from product and service launches to user engagement and interaction to technical development, online marketing, and post-campaign analysis, Prysma Technologies can be consulted to breathe life into your brand. Our social media campaigns are the product of a creative process that is centered on deciding which channels work best for your brand. Our team executes these ideas successfully and effectively to draw attention from the right people, so your business attracts qualified leads.