At Prysma Technologies, we harness the power and potential of tried and tested software solutions to ensure our clients stay ahead of the game always. As a client-centric and technology oriented company, we strive to deliver results based on client inputs and their feedback.

Our expert software engineers are architects of scalable and modular technology solutions. They are responsible for our successful track record of software development projects for multiple industry verticals. Adept at programming languages including C++, Java, PHP, EJB, C#, .NET, SQL and Oracle and with a rock solid competency in Mobile solutions, our software engineers stay ahead of the curve by constantly upgrading their knowledge of technology solutions through education initiatives (please elaborate on my words!).

We offer a number of software development solutions including, but not limited to: Asset and Risk Management,, Mobile Applications, Data Harvesting and Manipulation, General Programming and Localized Scripting and Macros; these core skills enable us to help clients stay competitive with projects of any complexity and magnitude.